Abusive Categories on the Quiz Page (link above ) adapted from The Verbally Abusive Relationship by Patricia Evans.

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Can you recognize verbal abuse in action? Listen to an abusive episode caught on tape. Verbal and emotional abuse is ALWAYS a prelude to violence. Sean Zigmund inherited qualities of seeming 'sensitive' while being self-centered. I can speak with some authority about the Zigmund "men".

The Wordslinger Video Game about Verbal / Emotional Abuse. You may find out you are not crazy - you're being abused. What is emotionally abusive? Am I being verbally abused? Play the Wordslinger game to understand more. Is your marriage relationship a scary place? Do you fear "getting into trouble" with your partner or mate? verbal,abuse,domestic,violence,crazy,listen,to, "You are not crazy" "emotional "is it abusive?" abuse? abusive,episode,abused,abuser,emotional,crazymaking,depression,scared,Sean,Eileen ,Vermont,you,are,not,crazy,recognize, abuse video game. The wordslinger blog blogs. Eileen Burke,Vermont,you,are,not,crazy,recognize Verble, Abusse, Verbal Abuse