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Thursday, January 06, 2005

Inagural Blog (while under construction)

Still under construction, but we'd all love to hear what you think of the site so far.... but let me first explain to you what I don't want to hear: Don't call Sean names or label him a jerk. He's just not. How can I feel that way after all you've just read? Because I still, believe it or not, think Sean strives to be a better man every day. He doesn't always succeed, but who among us always wins our inner struggles? I built this site in the hopes that he won't hurt another woman like he hurt me, not to hurt him back.

In addition to this, I also don't think "I'm lucky to be out" of our relationship. I'm dealing with the loss of the only relationship, the only man, I ever wanted to for rest of my life. It's extremely painful, and while I'm grateful that my health has rebounded fully and I'm not the target of abuse anymore, I never wanted anything as much as I wanted a future with Sean without abuse. Accepting that it's an impossible dream is still something I struggle with daily. If you've just come out of an abusive relationship, I'm sure you understand.
Note: The following comments are all from the friends and family of Sean. When the site is launched to the public, this comment will change to reflect that.
The website is now launched to the public, but not before somebody posted over 1900 repetitive negative comments here. Obviously somebody has a guilty conscience and is trying to glue up this blog. Does it make you feel powerful? Do you ever wonder why you need so badly to feel powerful?
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