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Friday, February 04, 2005

Ode to the Anonymous Family

Funny how many of Sean's network of allies are named Anonymous , eh? (their comments are on the previous blog.) I'm not surprised they all continue his abusiveness by calling me "stupid" and "needing serious help", in spite of the audiotape where Sean is clearly abusing me AND admitting to past abuse. They are doing exactly what he wants them to do - defend his bad behavior no matter what evidence is presented. Sadly, these friends and family members are inadvertently contributing to Seans abuse habit. Studies firmly show that one of the three ingredients needed for abusive men to become non-abusive is that his "circle of allies" holds him accountable. Without this, he will continue to justify his behavior, blame his victims and ultimately never form a healthy relationship. Period.

Sean has built his network with a classic abuser recipe; chronic lies about me, Clintonesque charisma and endless stockpiling of IOUs. He's done a fine job of surrounding himself with a fortress of people who have no idea who he really is. I can only guess his circle has endured endless hours of heartfelt "Poor me, Eileen is attacking me, I never abused her" rants since we split. He told me many stories about his past relationships when we first met, and I truly believed he had been done very wrong by women. I used to be the strongest ally he had. These abusive networks are quite powerful, for they must be sturdy enough to deflect the truth. Watch the blog for a facinating story of Freud's experience and ultimate crumble under the pressure of an abusive network.

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