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Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Unfolding, growing, playing, then exhaling (some).

Thank you all for your personal stories and support over the last year. I'm happy to announce the final stages of a huge project are about to unfold, and I'd like to invite you to become a part of it.

FIRST, this blog will soon be migrated over to the new online community at The Wordslinger. Please join the community and start your own (free) blog - simply enter your email address to join, or if you prefer, post and read anonymously. The Wordslinger community provides a sanctuary for men and women to support, empathize with, rally around, validate and most importantly: BELIEVE those affected by abuse. In short, it's your tribe. There are blogs to track each other’s progress, forums to discuss issues, collaborative books to contribute to, stories, polls ... and ...

SECOND, The Wordslinger is also the title of the first ever video game designed to ease the stress of being involved with an abuser. Playing the game will convert the negative energy of your abuser into positive power. Free, educational and available online only, The Wordslinger Game will be launched very soon after the New Year. It'd be wonderful to have the online community teaming with activity when this happens. Please go check it out!

THIRD, I've finished my first novel and it's currently being edited at my publisher ... which, by the way, is a truly agonizing process. It will be in print on the first day of spring.

FORTH, thank you for defending me against the mean, ignorant network of abusers that post comments about me here. Your support truly helps. As I work with other women escaping abusive relationships, I now see very clearly that it's ONLY the intelligence and compassion of strangers that keep them sane and safe.