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Thursday, May 04, 2006

Convicted KIller Donates Kidney ( ? and ... !! )

Lots of you have written about the endless favors that your abusers do to prove what "good guys" they are. This article reminded me of a classic abuser -- he killed for control, just like he 'gave' for control. He does not reach out to make a difference, he reaches out to make demands. If you've lived this phenomenon, you are not crazy!

Man Who Killed His Patients Can Donate Kidney, but He Must Get His Sentence First
Link to NY Times Article
By RONALD SMOTHERSPublished: December 28, 2005A former nurse who pleaded guilty to killing 29 patients at hospitals in New Jersey and Pennsylvania has received permission to donate a kidney to an acquaintance in New York, as long as he first appears at his own sentencing.
The ex-nurse, Charles Cullen, 45, has been in prison for two years but will not be formally sentenced until next month.
He was found by authorities to be a match for the person in need of a kidney and has been judged to be sincere in his attempt to help the potential recipient. But he is still working out details with officials in the two states to allow the donation.
Mr. Cullen angered relatives of his victims earlier this month when he said he wanted to exercise his right to miss the sentencing - and not face the families of his victims - but would relent if the authorities permitted the transplant. He also said he wanted to be taken to New York for the procedure. Some of the families and authorities said they saw it as blackmail.
Attorney General Peter C. Harvey, after a series of meetings, has agreed to allow the transportation and transplant, but only after Mr. Cullen appears at his sentencing.
The sentencing is set for Jan. 5 in New Jersey Superior Court in Somerset County. Mr. Cullen is expected to receive a life sentence instead of the death penalty for agreeing to plead guilty and identify all of his victims.
"He will not have surgery before the sentencing," Mr. Harvey said after interviewing Mr. Cullen and meeting with prosecutors and the public defender in the case. "We are victim-focused and have factored in the feelings of the families of the murder victims who are angry and still grieving. They want the court and Cullen to know how much they hurt."
Before a final agreement, prosecutors have to sort out whether two more New Jersey counties will press charges against Mr. Cullen, authorities said. In addition, his lawyer has concerns about how the timing of his sentencing in Pennsylvania might affect the donation process.
Mr. Cullen pleaded guilty last year to intentionally injecting lethal doses of drugs into patients at a number of hospitals and a nursing home in the two states during a 16-year career. Early in the plea-bargaining process, he estimated that the number of victims could reach 40; so far, 29 have been accounted for.
The organ transplant offer arose in the last several weeks as he headed toward sentencing.
Dr. Andrew Klein, director of the transplant center at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles and chairman of the living donor committee of the United Network for Organ Sharing, which oversees the nation's transplants, said that such cases, involving convicted felons who want to donate organs, were "relatively uncommon." He and others acknowledged that there had been a number of cases in which inmates facing execution sought to donate organs; in some of those cases, the requests were seen by some as ploys to delay executions.
For his part, Dr. Klein said, "Because a person is sentenced to life in prison, I don't believe that that, in and of itself, should deny them the right to donate an organ."
But Dr. Mark Fox, chairman of United Network's ethics committee, questions whether any prison inmate whose life is "constrained in ways that yours and mine are not" can provide "free and informed consent."
According to Dr. Klein, there can never be complete assurance that any offer to donate an organ has not been coerced by family, friends or the hope of some forgiveness by society.
"Is it consent or other things driving this?" he asked. "The best you can do is try to determine whether it is sincere and there are no coercive events."
In Mr. Cullen's case, relatives of the victims questioned his motivation, accusing him of a play for attention and a ploy to avoid appearing at the sentencing. But Mr. Harvey said he concluded, after interviewing Mr. Cullen, that the offer was not a "publicity stunt." He said that he was convinced that Mr. Cullen's crimes stemmed from his view that he was "hastening the inevitable" for patients who he believed were facing months or even years of suffering and deteriorating health.
"He did not view himself as acting out of malice," said Mr. Harvey, "and it is consistent for someone who thinks that way to offer up his organs to end the suffering of another."
The man who would receive the donated kidney has not been identified by Mr. Cullen or state officials. But published reports have identified him as a relative of a former girlfriend of Mr. Cullen's, whose name is also unknown. Mr. Harvey said that New Jersey officials have confirmed that the scheduled recipient of the kidney is likely to die without the transplant and that Mr. Cullen is a compatible donor. These are two of the conditions that New Jersey courts require before allowing such donations by inmates of state prisons.
Johnnie Mask, the deputy public defender who has been representing Mr. Cullen, said that two technical issues remained before his client could accept the arrangement being offered by Mr. Harvey. He noted that prosecutors in Essex and Morris Counties in New Jersey were still trying to decide whether to waive potential prosecutions of Mr. Cullen in their jurisdictions and allow the scheduled Jan. 5 sentencing to satisfy those cases.
Mr. Mask said that he also wanted some assurances that Pennsylvania prosecutors, who are also slated to bring Mr. Cullen to their state for sentencing in murders he admitted to there, would not try to block the donation and transplant.
Mr. Harvey said he expected that the Essex County prosecutor would soon sign on to a single sentencing in Somerset County, and he has given Morris County prosecutors until Friday to determine whether they have a case which they could prosecute.
In Morris County, a family exhumed the body of a loved one, believing that the patient had been under Mr. Cullen's care at a hospital there, but initial toxicology reports were inconclusive. Mr. Cullen has denied any role in that patient's death, according to his lawyer, and prosecutors are awaiting the results of a second test by a private toxicologist before deciding how to proceed.


Anonymous said...

When I saw the Intro to your website I cried because it describes my situation exactly. I need some tips for leaving the relationship, the thing is I am afraid that he will make up things to tell my parents that will cut off my only means of support through this horrible ordeal. My parents don't care if what someone is saying is true or not if someone is saying it you've done something wrong period. Any suggestions?

5:56 PM, May 17, 2006  
Desiree said...

I just found your website today. Although I've found helpful information on several other websites after Googling "emotional abuse", yours immediately clicked with me.

I especially like the layout of your homepage and the page titled, "Defective". I could have been written for me.

I'm looking forward to your new site, Word Slinger, and am going to recommend your link to the Women's Center I frequent. It's not always easy to carry a hard copy book around in order to gain access to this type of information, especially if one is worried the abuser could escalate to physical abuse.

Please keep up this work. You can't imagine the impact you're having on the lives of every day women.

5:01 PM, May 25, 2006  
Anonymous said...

your opening-You are not alone.
you are not crazy. Thank you from my broken little spirit.


9:09 PM, July 03, 2006  
Anonymous said...

I have just gotten out of an emotionally abusive situation and this article definitely rings true about my abuser. He was so intelligent, big heart, helping raise a boy who isn't his biological son and doing such great things for him; constantly giving gifts, good things, good deeds. But I realize now that it was all about control. I bought into it quickly and was soon in his web of "I've done all the work," "you are not a good communicator" "you don't trust me because of your trust issues" "that's not what I asked you." Ultimately, I felt that everything I did was wrong, yet the good deeds kept coming to keep me feeling bonded thru guilt and to cloak his abuse. This relationship lasted only 8 weeks and finally in a fit of rage because "I questioned what he said", he left and fired me from the relationship the next day saying I was too "dysfunctional" and "insecure" to date. Wow. Great website. God bless you.

3:06 PM, July 08, 2006  
Molly said...

I have been digesting information from this place for a week now, and wished I could push to the front of the line of grateful women to congratulate and thank you for this work. I have been under this kind of spell for over 25 years. I wish I knew what was in store for me now, but with this knowledge there's no turning back to the way I used to be. Bless you dear, I hope to meet you someday.

4:19 PM, August 16, 2006  
Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for this site. I don't have a comment about your "Convicted Killer..." post. I just wanted to show my gratitude for what you are doing here. I just recently came to the realization that I am being emotionally abused. I have a hard time even saying that because it seems so unreal still. I, like many who read through all of this information, felt like I was absolutely losing my mind. I don't really feel that way any more, but am VERY confused at this point about what to do. I have put up with all of his nonsense for so long, I don't know how to get out of it. I don't want to tear my family apart, but I don't want to live like this any more. There is no convincing my husband of anything. There are no good ideas, unless they are his ideas. I'm so torn and I feel for all of you who are in the same position I am in. Now that I know what is actually going on here, I can't ignore it any more.

Again, thanks so much for this site.

1:37 PM, October 02, 2006  

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